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7 Best Ways of Making Money Online – Profitable Browsing
Making extra cash on top of your normal salary or profits is the desire of everyone unless you are from a “noble” family. Most of us have to put up with stress from our bosses in office and sometime they humiliate us. You can change your life around by finding the best ways of making money online.
There are thousand ways of making extra cash working from the comfort of your house. You will forever avoid traffic jams, waking up early in morning as a student – and make money online from the comfort of your home.

Online jobs offer flexible schedule and make your life easier. Most of the online jobs where you can make money online mainly offer two options. You can work part time or full time- you choose your schedule- work formula.

The list below gives 7 best ways of making money online working from the comfort of your house – ways that I have a personal testimony.

  1. Freelancing

There’s lots of cash in freelancing. Working as a freelancer is the best option to make money online working from home. There are different ways in which you can work as a freelancer. Being a freelancer means that you are not permanently attached to a particular employer. It involves creating your own schedule and working hours. You can work for the freelancing sites read
However, it is imperative to note that freelancing require specialised skills and might be an hindrance to making money online for those who have lesser qualifications. Those with lesser qualifications might consider Blogging as a viable option.

  1. Blogging

Every new day brings new ideas. Bloggers are making lots of money online through selling ad space. Having advertisers place their ads on your blog or website is the best way of making money online. Most bloggers prefer and The best way to blog is to write quality relevant articles on your blog which target your visitors.
  1. Affiliate Marketing/Programs
This is whereby you get permission from other websites to sell their products through your preferred promotional method. It is the oldest common method of making money online.
  1. Selling on Ebay
Selling your products on is a good way of making money online. You need to visit the site and familiarise yourself with it and how it works.
  1. Creating a PTC site

Paid to Click sites commonly known as PTC sites is a lucrative way of making money online. Even if you do not have the site, you can make money from the PTC sites which pay you to view ads as well as referrals.  also check
  1. Paid Surveys
Several companies offer paid surveys to anyone who is able to carry out the surveys. Most of the paid surveys can be scams; you need to establish the legitimate ones (I will update later)

  1. Marketing other Blogs/Websites

Many bloggers and website owner want to increase their daily blog traffic. Several of them hire guys to promote their sites/blogs through social bookmarking. If you are a good marketing in the Internet world and you understand what social bookmarking is all about, then you are ready to go


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